Flat Panel

The center panel of the cabinet door is flat rather than raised or contoured.  Flat panel doors are favored by those who prefer sleek, clean designs.  Flat panel cabinet doors can be traditional, transitional and even contemporary.  


Shaker style is a simple, clean look.  Also known as an inset panel door, they have a perimeter of hardwood glued to the flat panel door.  Shaker style is characterized by its simplicity with no embellishments or ornamentation and very clean with no ornate designs.   

Raised Panel

Raised Panel doors offer an added dimension to your cabinetry design.  The center panel of the cabinet door is raised with a profile or contour.  These doors work well in a more formal or traditional setting, and are an excellent choice if you would like the cabinetry to be a focal point of the room.  


A slab cabinet door is a solid door with no frame or panel with a completely flat profile.   Slab cabinet doors are most often used in transitional and contemporary designs, as they are simply a flat slab of wood—smooth with no panels, contours or accents.  


Designed to complement traditional "square" doors, our Arched styles add a high level of design flexibility.  We offer both Raised Panel and Recessed Panel styles to coordinate with a number of our door styles.  Classic and traditional, Cathedral-style cabinet doors feature a curve-shaped arch in the top of the panel and in the top rail.  Eyebrow arched doors exhibit a single subtle arch.  

Accent Doors

An accent door is not usually used throughout an entire kitchen, but rather as a decorative accent.  This can include glass doors, mullion doors or louver doors.  Mullion doors have glass inserts in place of the typical solid center panel for a more stylish appearance. The inserts have horizontal and vertical dividing bars similar to those in windowpanes.  

To further customize your design, we offer a number of choices in edge detail, or profile, of the door and drawer fronts. Some options eliminate the need for cabinet knobs and pulls, while others add a smooth radius or subtle notch to the outer edge of the door or drawer front.  Contact our office for a consultation and a free custom quote.